Zbrush 2021.7 New Features

Ben Courtenay
Art Heroes Contributor
Zbrush 2021.7 introduced some amazing new features that you might have missed!

Let's run through some of my favorites and how they work. I've covered knife brush in it's own blog post, so if you want to read about it in more detail click here!

Home Stager

Home Stager is a great new addition to Zbrush, especially for people modelling on posed characters. What it enables you to do is set two locations (Home and Target stage) for a subtool.

Let's say you're working on a model and want to add a pair of glasses. In the posed position you'd most probably be off axis, which is a pain if you're working on something symmetrical. This is were Home Stager steps in! You can set one of the locations that aligns with the axis, which makes things so much easier!
3d character posing tips


Interpolate is an interesting new feature that takes the effort out of repetitive strokes.

So, how does it work? It's incredibly simple!

  1. You draw your start stroke and your final stroke
  2. At the top of the Stroke menu, you'll have the option to interpolate and the stroke count (how many times you want to repeat the pattern)

There are so many possible ways to utilize this tool, so definitely give it a go!
how to pose a character in zbrush

Bevel Brushes

The new Bevel brushes are a gamer changer for organic hard surface modelling! If you're not a fan of using Zmodeler and prefer working using Dynamesh these brushes give you the ability to create clean, beveled edges on the fly!
how to pose a character in zbrush
Let's go over the basics:

  1. Drag the brush over the edge you want to bevel
  2. Once have found the angle you want, drag the brush back up. This will lock-in the bevel for the rest of the edge.
  3. Now you have a clean bevel on a dynameshed subtool!

Other handy points...

  • The intensity of the brush controls the strength of the curve (for the Bevel Curve)
  • You can use masking to control the bevel further!

Hope this article was helpful! What new tools and techniques have you discovered with the latest update? Let us know below in the comments!

Ben Courtenay,
Art Heroes Contributor

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