Challenge Participant Zone
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Sketching in Zbrush
Marlon Nunez
Day ONE of Monster Challenge: Replay
Marlon's Day 1 WIP

Click to download Marlon's PureRef moodboard. Download PureRef's software for free here.

Monster Workflow
Maarten Verhoeven
Day TWO of Monster Challenge: Replay
Storytelling with Sculpting
Marlon Nunez
Day THREE of Monster Challenge: Replay
Detailing Your Monster
Daniele Danko Angelozzi
Day FOUR of Monster Challenge: Replay
Texturing and Rendering
Marlon Nunez
Day FIVE of Monster Challenge: Replay
Workshop Program
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Monday - DAY 1

Kick-start your Challenge experience and get the blockout done
Tuesday - DAY 2

Full monster workflow: don't miss if you want to improve yours!
Thursday - DAY 4

Work on skulls, monster features and personality of your charachter
Friday - DAY 5

Add amazing textures to showcase For The Win!
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