3D Character Art challenge to help you learn new techniques and showcase your skills!
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Challenge Prizes
1st Prize
Valued in 1700$
2nd Prize
Valued in 1000$
Popular Prize
Valued in 700$
Marmoset Choice Award
  • $50 Marmoset Shop Gift Card
*Exclusive prizes for Professional category
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But...what are the rules?!
— ZBrush is the main software of creation. You can use any additional tools (Keyshot, Marmoset, Photoshop etc).
— Be original! What's your Monster abilities? What makes it unique?
Make sure it's your own concept
— Only one entry and one image per participant
— You can render or display the character in any software of your choice
— Your final submission can be in clay, but we encourage you to submit a fully textured and posed character to get better chances to win.
— You can paint over or manipulate your work in 2D, but make sure it's not more than 10% of the image.
— The artwork should be in 3D. 2D is only allowed in elements of expression of the image.
— Final artwork dimensions: 1920x1080 (portrait OR landscape) or 1080x1080

Got questions? Read more in FAQ section before texting us, please :)
Meet the judges
Character Sculptor at Laika Studios
Sculptor @ Warner, Disney, Blur and Marvel
ArtHeroes Co-Founder and Art Director
Lead Sculptor at Infinite Statue & Wacom Ambassador Italy
Art Director/Director @RealtimeUK
Freelance ZBrush artist / digital concept sculptor
Challenge Timeline
Anytime until October, 25
Anytime until October, 25
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19 - 25 October
19 - 25 October
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October, 25
23:59 GMT+0
October, 25
23:59 GMT+0
Last chance to submit your work
Equal opportunities for everyone, so no submissions are allowed past the deadline.
26 - 27 October
26 - 27 October
Jury Elaboration & Public Voting
Our team of jury makes their choices. Meanwhile, your friends and fans can support you, too, by casting their voice.
Your job is to wait for results to be announced!
October, 29
17:00 GMT+0
October, 29
17:00 GMT+0
Winners Announced
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What are the categories of participation?
Starter: if you've never created a full character, if you've never done 3D, if it's your 1st project in Zbrush. Take this as your learning opportunity, even if you're completely new to the industry!
Artist: you know how ZBrush works, you might already work in the industry, freelance or still study.
Can I use other software other than ZBrush?
The main software of creation is ZBrush. If you still dont have it, you can download the free 30 days trial in the Pixologic website.

You can use Marmoset, Substance Painter, Photoshop etc, but the core of your project should be done in Zbrush.
Can I create a happy stylized monster?
Yeah why not! Just make sure is your own idea ;)
Can I submit only the sculpt?
Yes, you can, it's your own choice
We encourage you to fully present your hero. That means textured and posed. This will give more chances to get your entry selected among the finalists ;)
If you don't know how to texture, you'll have access to a short video to help you get started. Give it a try!
Can I do a fan-art from an existing monster?
No, the monster should be fully original. Make it yours!
What is the art style?
You can use the style of your choice. Realistic, stylized, figurative....doesnt matter, just make it original!
Can I participate with a 2D entry?
The main purpose of the challenge is develop your 3D skills.
You can be a complete ZBrush beginner to participate!
What is this GMT+0 time zone of the challenge?
GMT+0 is London time
Can use Zbrush Core or a free trial version?
Yes, any version of Zbrush works.
Can I work with Blender?
Only as an additional software. The core of your model should be done in Zbrush.
How do I submit my work?
Submissions will be open on this page from Friday, May 29 to Sunday, May 31 (23:59:59 GMT+0)
How and where can my fans vote for my work?
As soon as you submit your artwork, you will get a shareable link so that your friends can support you.
One vote per person per day is allowed. You can vote for multiple characters - whoever you like.
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