Create your own kick-ass superhero in this 7-day challenge
and win fabulous prizes!
25 - 31 May 2020

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Let's start with the prizes
The final winners of this challenge will be picked by our team of judges
1st Prize
Valued in 2000$
2nd Prize
Valued in 1000$
Popular Prize
Valued in 500$
Marmoset Choice Award
  • $50 Marmoset Shop Gift Card
Enrollment and basemeshes
We want to make sure you stay creative so go ahead and download one of our basemeshes as starting point and get inspired. We encourage you to use them as starting point, so give them your own style and look!
We encorage you to use them as starting point
Challenge Dynamics
You're the Creator, but we're at your side
From 25 to 31 of May, during the challenge week, we're with you!

To help you move along and get the steps right, we will deliver daily tips and tricks on character design, ZBrush and best practices.

Our goal is to help you improve while you're working on this Challenge.

Treat it as your roadmap!
But...what are the rules?!
— ZBrush is the main software of creation.

— Be original! What is the hero super power? What makes him unique? Do not create any existing superhero, make sure is original and get your own style!

— Only one entry and one image per participant

— You can render or display the character in any software of your choice.

— Your final submission can be in clay, but we encourage you to submit a fully textured and posed character to get better chances to win.

— You can paint over or manipulate your work in 2D, but make sure it's not more than 10% of the image.

— The artwork should be in 3D. 2D is only allowed in elements of expression of the image

Got questions? Read more in FAQ section.
Submit your own HERO!
Submissions will be open from Friday, May 29 to Sunday, May 31.
Public voting starts on June, 1 and closes on June, 4.
File size and format
The final submission should be in JPEG format
Resoution: 1280x1080 px or 1080x1280 px
Tell your friends
Your fans and friends will be able to vote for you
from June 1st to June 4th.

Submissions & Voting will be open on this page.
Be original
Do not use any existing super hero. Be original, there are no limits. Remember: the judges will value originality, too, when choosing the winner.
Vote for your favorite entries!
Popular prize will be awarded to public's favorite Hero.
Want some examples?..
Meet the judges
Character Artist for clients such as Axis Studios, Blur studio, Unity, ArenaNet, SideShow Collectibles
Digital Sculptor at SideShow Collectibles & Wacom Ambassador Argentina
Character Artist for clients such as Netflix or Blur Studios
ArtHeroes Co-Founder and Art Director
Lead Sculptor at Infinite Statue & Wacom Ambassador Italy
Co-Founder and Art Director at Illusorium Studios
Challenge Timeline
Anytime until May, 31
Anytime until May, 31
Enroll in the challenge
Confirm you're in and get your basemesh
We recommend enrolling early so that you don't miss any challenge announcements, updates and any learning opportunities.
25 to 31 May
25 to 31 May
Get daily guidance from Marlon Nunez
Art Director at Art Heroes Academy
Your daily videos to help you build your work and guide you through the process step-by-step, spiced up with ZBrush tips and tricks.
May, 31
23:59 GMT+0
May, 31
23:59 GMT+0
Last chance to submit your work
Equal opportunities for everyone, so no submissions are allowed past the deadline.
1 - 4 June
1 - 4 June
Jury Elaboration & Public Voting
Our team of jury makes their choices. Meanwhile, your friends and fans can support you, too, by casting their voice.
Your job is to wait for results to be announced!
June, 5
15:00 GMT+0
June, 5
15:00 GMT+0
Winners Announced
Follow the news on social media and SuperHero 2020 Official Page

You can always go ahead and download the trial for 30 days at Pixologic™ website

Can I use other software other than ZBrush?
The main software of creation is ZBrush. If you still dont have it, you can download the free 30 days trial in the Pixologic website.

You can use Marmoset, Substance Painter, Photoshop etc, but the core of your project should be done in Zbrush.
Can I do a villain?
Yeah why not! Just make sure is your own idea ;)
Can I submit only the sculpt?
Yes, you can, but....
We encourage you to fully present your hero. That means textured and posed. This will give more chances to get your entry selected among the finalists ;)
If you don't know how to texture, you'll have access to a short video to help you get started. Give it a try!
Can I do a fan-art from an existing superhero?
No, the superhero should be fully original. Make it yours!
Can I make a superhero from scratch, without basemesh?
Yes, you totally can. Our tools are there to support you, but their use is not compulsory.
What is the art style?
You can use the style of your choice. Realistic, stylized, figurative....doesnt matter, just make it original!
Can I participate with a 2D entry?
The main purpose of the challenge is develop your 3D skills. Even if you are not familiar with Zbrush, we are by your side. We will release daily videos that will help you to create your character.
What is this GMT+0 time zone of the challenge?
GMT+0 is London time
Can use Zbrush Core or a free trial version?
Yes, any version of Zbrush works.
Can I work with Blender?
Only as an additional software. The core of your model should be done in Zbrush.
How do I get a free basemesh?
Sign up for the Challenge and you will get it by email. Here's the link to download them, if you missed it.
How do I submit my work?
Submissions will be open on this page from Friday, May 29 to Sunday, May 31 (23:59:59 GMT+0)
How and where can my fans vote for my work?
As soon as you submit your artwork, you will get a shareable link so that your friends can support you.
One vote per person per day is allowed. You can vote for multiple characters - whoever you like.