8-12 February
3D Art Career Week
Careers at Art Heroes:
Program Creator
Art Heroes Program Creator, you will be working together with our academic team to create and publish learning program for our community.
All of our Program Creators
  • Have years of practical experience
    From studio work to freelancing and personal projects, we pass on current practical knowledge
  • Great Communicators
    Fun and engaging for students, can explain their expertise in simple and accessible language
  • Respect deadlines
    Work within specified time to finish a course production as agreed.
  • Ready to work with team
    To make sure our programs are of the highest standards, we work as a team on making and testing every single lesson
  • Want to share knowledge
    We don't hold back information and provide all the resources that help our students achieve best results in minimum time
  • Open for long-term collaboration
    We leave the doors open for mentoring students of your program on an ongoing basis, when this fits your professional schedule.
Skills required:

  • Deep practical knowledge of your area of expertise
  • Ability to explain complex features with simple processes and concepts
  • Basic video editing skill
Current openings
Our most desired expertise
  • Hard Surface Expert
    We're looking for an expert in hard surface applied to character art. You're a great fit if you work with hard surface modeling across a variety of software tools.
  • 3D Animation Expert
    You're a great fit if 3D character animation, from rigging to final tweaks is your mojo. You can be a master of one specific area, but need to understand full production pipeline
  • Pitch Your Program
    If you want to teach anything with us, feel free to send your proposal.
    We'll review and get back to you to talk about it.