Careers at Art Heroes:
Junior Program Coordinator

Your role is to help us ensure well-being of our student community and individual student success.
Role Requirements
Admin experience
You'll need to make sure reports are in order, too
Great Communication Skills
Written and spoken English is an essential for this position.
Respect deadlines
We work around strict deadlines and it applies to everyone
Problem-solving skills
You've got to be natural at finding solutions, not finding more problems.
Understanding of the industry
You're an artist or interested in 3D art/gaming/VFX, otherwise it would be hard to have a conversation with us!
Part-time availability
This role is open for 10 hrs/week with a possibility of adding more hours as we go.
Home office time zone: GMT (London)
Job description:

As a program coordinator, you'll be in charge of interacting with our student community

  • You are a contact point for enrolled students
  • You answer all of the ongoing questions via variety of platforms
  • You're responsible for scheduling and communicating live component of educational programs
  • You're communicating all live sessions to students and make sure these run smoothl
  • Participate in live calls and enrollments
  • Interview students and alumni
  • Assist with hosting an annual alumni event

Your measurements of success:

  • High student completion rates
  • High engagement rates in student community

Perks and compensation

  • Fully remote position
  • Starting wage $12/hr
  • Quarterly bonus based on individual and team success
  • Great team vibe and opportunities to learn&grow
Sounds like something you'd love to do?