3D Character Art challenge

20-26 June 2022

Artwork by Nathan Gardner

Pokemonster Awards Ceremony
1st Prize

Laura Aparicio
Valued at 1000$
2nd Prize

Chris Baxter
Mara Simeun
Valued at 600$
Popular Prize

Nikki Steinbach
Valued at 500$
Hall of Fame
Best projects created at POKEMONSTER CHALLENGE 2022
Laura Aparicio
Chris Baxter
Mara Simeun
Nikki Steinbach
Abdelmajid Sakkour
Adrian Casanova
Alex Latham
Alex Ramajo
Andreas Svensson
Ania Milczarek
Anna Menetti
Antoine Baldovi
Armando Durruthy
Bitam Ilham
Bob Brown
Brianna Houser
Carlos Quijano
Cesar Ramirez
Cinar Celik
Danie Liao
Daniel Aguilar.
Daniel Serina
Daniela Rosas
Danielle Royer
Daphne Schoemaker
Dasha Kavaliova
Dave Cox
David Ibanez Guevara
Davide Rinaudo
Dienga Difika
Dina Malysheva
Dmytro Pysartsev
Elliot Lucas
Emma Overmyer
Estefania Cortes.jpg
Heidi Ehikoinen
Hugo Illanes
Ismael Tejero
Jaelyn Peacock
Jan Estra
John Amaral
Jon Cirion
Jorge Ayala
Kurt Boutilier
Luca Cucciniello
Mahdi Benrhouma
Marco Machado
Mateusz Baranowski
Natalia E Lehmann
Natascha Charne
Nico Schmieder
Nikko Griffin N Swee
Noel Solomon
Pana Sovanney Buypng
Pau Curto
Pit Bibiloni
Flor Diana Leal
Quentin Fuchs Skully
Razvan Arventiev
Samuel Carreres
Sara Kolodziejak
Selene Callejo
..Sheila Cuesta
Signe Feldstein
Skyler Greencorn
Tanja Langgner
Taylor Jett
Timothy Schalm
Vanessa Pardo
Victor Cartagena
Viktoria Gnatenko
William Lambert
Zahra Ashrafi
How do we pick the best pokeMonsters?
Here's the criteria - as transparent as can be
  • 1
    Make sure it's yours
  • 2
    Tech skills

    Even if you're new to 3D, give us your best!

  • 3

    Show an awesome illustration, not just an epic sculpt

  • 4

    It's all about how you work with and expand on the tools provided

  • 5

    One picture is worth a million words, they say

  • 6
    That's it
    6 items look good here, but we only have 5 criteria XD
Meet the Judges
  • Stephen Anderson
    3D Concept Modeler at Marvel Animation
  • ArtHeroes Co-Founder + Art Director
  • Carlos Ortega
    3D Artist at Netflix Animation
  • Josh Wallace
    3d character artist + Art Heroes Mentor
  • Joaquin Cossio

    Creature Artist at MARZ VFX
  • Mickael Lelievre
    Senior Character Artist at Pure Arts
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20-25 June
20-25 June
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26 June
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26 June
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26-27 June
26-27 June
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28 June
3:00 pm PST
28 June
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Winners Announced at Awards Ceremony
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