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Art Heroes student, Germany

The Best Thing About The Challenge

"Motivation - I want so bad to be seen as an artist and I'm happy that my work born some emotions to others. That was best what I could expect even if I'm just a noob in digital art"
Art Heroes student, The US
"I've got this feeling of accomplishment. Learning to sculpt and texture a complete model within a week was great".
Art Heroes student, Brazil
"The best thing was to have a deadline and pressure for a 'personal project'... those tend to drag on!"
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Hall of Fame

Get inspired by the Challenge participants!
Since its' introduction in 2020, over 1200 artists went through the challenge experience and produced some of the amazing pieces.
The Morphing Phantom by Edi Sagala
The Morphing Phantom by Edi Sagala
The Last Stylebender by Juan Villeda
The Last Stylebender by Juan Villeda
ARA by Caiphus Moore
ARA by Caiphus Moore
Corona, the plasma girl by Prabath Wijayantha
Corona, the plasma girl by Prabath Wijayantha
CrystalClear by Zach Sharts
CrystalClear by Zach Sharts
Bivi Flo by Joel Moran
Bivi Flo by Joel Moran