Careers at Art Heroes:
Community Star
Your role is to be the voice of Art Heroes external community, help us run events, and drive up the engagement.
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Role Requirements
  • Admin experience
    You'll need to make sure reports are in order, too
  • Great Communication Skills
    Written and spoken English is an essential for this position.
  • You love fast pace
    We work around strict deadlines and it applies to everyone
  • Problem-solving skills
    You've got to be natural at finding solutions, not finding more problems.
  • Understanding of the industry
    You're an artist or interested in 3D art/gaming/VFX, otherwise it would be hard to have a conversation with us!
  • Part-time availability
    This role is open for 10 hrs/week with a possibility of adding more hours as we go.
    Home office time zone: GMT (London)
Job description:

As a Community Star, you'll be in charge of interacting with our external community, ensuring its' health and well-being.

- What's the external community?
- Everyone who's not a student just yet.

This means you've got to:

  • Be a contact point for potential students and extensive community
  • Answer all of the ongoing questions via a variety of platforms (Discord, IG, email, Youtube etc)
  • Drive engagement by posting stories, reels and replying to everyone
  • Help us run monthly challenges, events, and other activities

Your measurements of success:

  • Engagement rates (platform-specific)
  • Unique initiatives success (i.e.challenge participants)

Perks and compensation

  • Fully remote position
  • Part-time (up to 10-15 hrs/week)
  • Quarterly bonus based on individual and team success
  • Great team vibe and opportunities to learn&grow
Sounds like something you'd love to do?