Make Your character game-ready
From Retopology to UVs and Texturing
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Maya + Substance Painter working knowledge
Live + recorded
2 weeks
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Both Retopology and UVs can seem tedious, but if you’re going to do 3D modeling professionally, they are necessary to master.
For a character artist, it’s almost impossible to land a job in the industry without these skills.
Know how to create epic characters but hate retopology and UVs? It really can be easier.
Full Process in HD video broken down on steps you can follow with a character of any level of complexity
Complete professional studio pipeline in 3 workshops to help you prepare your model for rigging and animation
BYOM = Bring Your Own Model
(Got a nice high-res character you could make game-ready? Bring it and we'll make sure it's taken to the next level)
Become a more technical artist in 2 weeks
you will master all these concepts
Upgrade your workflow + Practice + Gain confidence
UV layout for texture and material creation
Methods and software for retopology, including manual and automatic retopology
Understand edge distribution, edge flow, and edge loops in retopology
Types of topology (quads, triangles, n-gons) and when to use each
Optimization workflow and why it's important
UV coherence and how to maintain real-world scale in UVs
How to unwrap UVs and techniques for dealing with seams
UV mapping and its relationship with texture application
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No fluff: all you need in 6 hours of step-by-step process in HD video.

  • What is retopology and how to approach it if you're absolutely new to it
  • How to retopo without wasting time
  • Types: quads, triangles, n-gons
  • Retopo done - what are your next steps
Hugo Sena
Senior Character Artist, Counterplay Games
Notable projects:
#stylized #likeness #videogames
Studios worked with:
  • Rouge Factor
  • Counterplay Games
Hell is Us
Necromunda Underhive Wars
City of the Damned
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