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Digital Doubles in 12 Weeks
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Step-by-step approach that you can apply to any realistic character. No eyeballing. No guessing.
You will be taught details of facial anatomy and learn to "read" a portrait from a totally new angle.
Learn how to present your character in Marmoset with the recent raytracing feature.
Proven Likeness Methodology
Facial Anatomy for Artists
Full LookDev Breakdown
Program Overview
Create any likeness, from a sphere
Our Students' Masterpieces
Made on Art Heroes Likeness Program. We are proud of every single piece our students create.
Juan Puerta Likeness art heroes
Art by Juan Puerta
Woody Harrelson in Zombieland Likeness Study
Danny Trejo Likeness Study Alfredo Vaglieco Likeness Artist Art Heroes Academy
Art by Alfredo Vaglieco
Danny Trejo Likeness Study
Hugo Sena Art Heroes
Art by Hugo Sena
Thusnelda from the show Barbarians
Danny Trejo Likeness Study Alfredo Vaglieco Likeness Artist Art Heroes Academy
Art by Alfredo Vaglieco
Danny Trejo Likeness Study
Nick Fury in UE4 Likeness study
Art by Ludovico Totire
Nick Fury in UE4 Likeness study
Lars Mikkelsen Likeness Jeff Hansen Art Heroes Likeness program
Art by Jeff Hansen
Lars Mikkelsen Likeness
Nick Fury in UE4 Likeness
Art by Ludovico Totire
Nick Fury in UE4 Likeness Study
Juan Puerta Likeness art heroes
Art by Juan Puerta
Woody Harrelson in Zombieland Likeness Study
Mahershala Ali Likeness Study Razeem Rafeek Likeness Artist
Art by Razeem Rafeek
Mahershala Ali Likeness Study
Kam Yu Artwork Likeness
Kam Yu
Kam Yu
Art by Milton Fernandez Likeness Artist Art heroes 3d art academy
Art by Milton Fernandez
Josh Wallace Likeness Project Art Heroes
Art by Josh Wallace
Mahershala Ali - Likeness Study
Hugo Sena Likeness
Likeness by Hugo Sena
Thusnelda from the show Barbarians
Javier Tercero likeness art heroes
Art by Javier Tercero
Art by Joaquin Cossio
Art by Joaquin Cossio
Art by Sean Olsen Likeness art Heros
Art by Sean Olsen
Art by Louis Lo
Art by Louis Lo

Program week-by-week

  • Lesson 1: Software Introduction
  • Lesson 2: References tips & tricks
  • Lesson 3: ZBrush spotlight, cam view and UI
  • Lesson 4: Understanding FoV and cams
What to expect on the
You can expect a deep dive into facial anatomy and sculpting.

As you progress through the course, you will be applying the skills you learn each week to your own project. You will train your artistic eye by looking at other projects from your intake.

To make sure you're on track, your instructor will be providing critique. By the end of 12 weeks, you will deliver a finished Likeness of your chosen character.

You'll then receive a shiny new certification badge to celebrate your new skill!
Perks of the Program
Save more than $1000
on software and tools from Art Heroes partners
Get 15-100% off on tools and software from Marmoset, Substance Painter, Russian 3D scanner, 3D Scan Store and others.

Plus, use your Student Card to get access to much more.
Program Flow
Practice + post

Get access to our brand new video material and practice.
Post updates about your progress on our student community to get mentors' feedback.
Live Q&A

Attend a live group call with your mentor (or watch the session replay if you missed it), get your questions answered + show your sculpt to your group.
Course Access

You can revisit at any time to refresh your knowledge on anatomy, likeness and techniques and even make another Likeness following the same steps!


We're proud to bring you the expertise of some of the best artists in the industry
Marlon R Nunez
Founder & Art Director
Art Director and co-founder at Art Heroes, Marlon has been a part of some of the worlds' best teams, like EA, Blur, Goodbye Kansas and RealtimeUK.
Marlon specializes in digital humans and one of his big passions is creating stylized characters.
Milton Fernandez
Digital Sculpture | Production
3D artist with 10+ years of experience in production modeling, texturing, lighting, look development, and scene assembly. Milton's strong focus is on digital organic sculpting and anatomy.
Josh Wallace
Character Artist | Hyper-realism
Obsessed with realism, Josh is a character and surfacing artist specialized in hyper-real characters, props and textures.
Josh enjoys the technical side of art, such as problem solving, coding and creating new workflows and techniques.
Our students' feedback
  • It has been an incredible experience to be a part of this course! It really made me push to the next level! I´m very grateful to Marlon and all of you for the inspiration fellas!
    Juan Puerta, Spain/Germany
    Art Heroes student, 2021
  • The amount of knowledge and growth I experienced in my skill set has been exponential. Lots of learning material and detailed explanations. I literally went from zero to hero during the course.
    Josh Linao, Australia
    Art Heroes student, 2021
  • I drastically increased my skills in the time and the structure was fantastic for someone who is working long hours already.
    The sculpting side of things was a 10/10.
    Christopher Beese, the US
    Art Heroes student, 2021
  • If I could finish with a nice result I think that everyone can. And that's because of the course, which explains perfectly every passage so that it fits every kind of level.
    The feedback from the instructors motivated me to do better and better.
    Francesco Gianfreda, Italy
    Art Heroes student, 2021
  • Great instruction, good pacing, discounts, extra bonus classes, tool tips, community
    I learned quite a few tips that will help me in my future work!

    Kam Yu
    Art Heroes student, 2021
  • It improves your skills in a relatively short period and teaches you a lot.
    It was very comprehensive and there is a lot to learn

    Roy Livne, Israel
    Art Heroes student, 2021
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