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Artwork by Jordi Solanas
“I know a lot of people feel scared of having their work judged by others, but what I truly learned in this experience, is that with appropriate feedback your skills will develop way faster"
Leonardo Rocha Couto | Art Heroes student
Struggling with |?
Feedback Hub can help with that.
Likeness Feedback Session
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  • Stylized Characters
  • Likeness
  • Hard Surface Characters
  • Career Coaching
  • LookDev
  • Intro to Characters
  • Topology
  • Creatures
and more
Senior Character Artist
Hugo Sena
Annabelle Séeman
Character Artist
Brad Myers
Lead Character Artist
Marlon Nunez
Art Director
Max Puliero
Lead Artist
Hard Surface
Razeem Rafeek
Nathan Gardner
Stylized Characters
Ben Courtenay
Character Artist
Stylized Characters
Mattia Poderi
Character Artist
The schedule changing every month to bring you a variety of mentors
Learn and apply faster by learning from your own mistakes.
If you're serious about your progress, you need more than tutorials
Surround yourself with people who have been in your shoes. Brainstorm inspiration and get feedback from mentors and peers in our positive-vibe community.
Build a supportive network
Get clarity on what you need to learn next
If you don't know what your artwork is missing to get you to the next level, or why hiring managers are not replying to you - ask the community.
Hop on sessions on topics that interest you
Join live sessions and get feedback + advice on your WIPs, even if it seems to be a "stupid problem"
What kind of feedback can I get?
Our mentors put a great deal of effort in crafting personal feedback on each piece you upload. Here's an example of what you can be getting.
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Art Heroes Feedback Hub
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Upgrade your workflow + Practice + Gain confidence
Learners who enjoy personal connection and who don't typically love pre-recorded courses.
Creators with hectic schedules and a lot going on - so much that you wouldn't be able to commit to one course or school
Artists who have made an enormous progress with their pieces but "something doesn't seem right"
Self-taught 3D Artists looking for validation of their workflow and techniques
Professional artists who don't benefit from tutorials and beginner artist communities anymore
Amateur or hobby artists who are transitioning into a professional careers in digital art
Artists who are looking for a mentor who is of a higher level than themselves
3D artists, who are extremely close to getting a job in the industry, but need help actually getting it
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