Mastering Anatomy whilst sculpting Likeness

Alum Jebin achieved an ultra realistic character, having just 12 months worth of 3D experience.
Making immense improvement, not only the technical knowledge gained, but also how to read the important facial features and improve artistic eye.
Meet Jebin Rohit
Tell us about yourself
My name is Jebin Rohit. I live in Auckland, New Zealand, I work as a software engineer during day and do 3D character art as a hobby in my spare time.

I like to make realistic character and creature art, I've had the interest in 3D since I was a teenager but never spent any time on it particularly due to lack of time and money those days, and during the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020 I wanted to give it try, I've now been doing 3D for around 2.5+ years.

I decided to study with Art Heroes mainly because I was impressed with Marlon's Portfolio and I wanted to study the workflow to create realistic faces and learn facial anatomy and improve myself

How it started
What's the name of your Project? Where did the idea come from? Why did you choose it?
My Likeness is Paul Pogba, he plays football for france. I chose him because I have zero knowledge of hair systems like xgen, and wanted to sculpt a male with short hair to be sure I would finish within the duration of the course.

Character Development
What were the main milestones for you?
The main milestone for me was getting the clay to look like a human face and then have the likeness on top of it.

The improvement has been immense, it's not only the technical knowledge you gain, but also how to read the important facial features and improve the artistic eye.

I had sculpted a human face (nose, lips and ears covered) only once before taking this course and I was pleasantly surprised by the level I as able to reach by the end of it.
"Art is mostly what your eyes see and what you can imagine and less of what your hands can do"

Jebin Rohit
Art Heroes Student
How did you overcome challenges?
When you do things for the first time technical problems are meant to happen, people in the Art Heroes discord server was very helpful at those times.

I couldn't attend any live feedback sessions, mentor Fareed was on point in giving feedback through paintovers in the forum, after each feedback the character likeness significantly improved.
What parts of the program did you find most useful?
By studying with Art Heroes, I realised that if there is well structured good course content and a good mentor to guide, anything is possible even in short time if we are willing to put effort and work with dedication.
What's Next?
What's your biggest achievement from the program and where are you taking your skills next?
My artistic eye and facial anatomy knowledge improved so much after the likeness program that for the first time in my life I am able to draw a human face with pencil.

Next goals are to improve my knowledge on human body anatomy, study Xgen and make good CG hair and improve my sculpting speed and add few game ready characters to my ArtStation Portfolio.
Final Project
Artwork: Jebin Rohit
Reference: Paul Pogba
Useful Links
Connect with Jebin on Artstation: Jebin Rohit
Follow Jebin on Instagram: jebinrohit_cg
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Editor: Hannah Barmes Healy
Artwork by: Jebin Rohit
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