Sculpting small but feisty Jordan

Learn how Art Heroes Alumini, Medhat Sheren, created one of the best final projects of the year.
In this edition of the Art Heroes blog we hook up with the digital creator of the small but feisty, Jorden.

We find out how Medhat approached the Stylized Program, what challenges he faced along the way, how he overcame them and finished with a character fit for the screens.
Meet Medhat Sheren
Tell us about yourself
My name is Medhat Sheren and I'm from Egypt. I used to be an assets and location modeler for two and half years but now I'm trying to become a character modeler. I've been watching anime since I was kid and I really love anime, manga style, mecha and for sure 3D movies.
How it started
What's the name of your Project? Where did the concept come from? Why did you choose it?
My character is called Jorden, the concept is by Kenny Jeong. Usually I use Pinterest or Artstation to search for concepts and I make a selection of five concepts I like. Jorden was one of them. I chose him because he was catchy and looking at him you just know he has a story to tell. He wants to be a hero. He has an ancient mask on his head. You can say it gives him a power to fight demons..
Character Development
What were the main milestones for you?
After finishing facial expression refinement, I began to texture Jordan, I told myself I am on track and he will be good - inshallah.

In the beginning Jorden was horrible and so weird but instructor feedback and a lot of trial and error has produced a great final piece.

"When you find yourself in nowhere (deep shit) keep pushing.

The VFX field is so competitive you should work on yourself and work hard because there are a lot of amazing people out there."

Medhat Sheren
Art Heroes Student
What were your biggest challenges while working on this project?
At every stage I had a lot of challenges, first it was trying to have the right proportions and a solid base. Then, to catch the likeness and paint the skin tone. Next, it was making texture by adding more detail to him. Finally, it was posing him whilst making a lot of adjustments, fixing errors and rendering in the Marmoset toolbag which was a totally new tool for me.
How did you overcome these challenges?
Watching tutorials, asking for feedback, constantly making edits means that every time you will discover and learn new things. As I said before, in every stage there were a lot of challenges so you really learn a lot, but mainly polypainting skin, posing and using marmoset as a render engine.
What's Next?
What are your plans for the future?
For now I don't have any specific plans for this guy. But for me, I will work on myself to do more and constantly improve my skills.
Final Project
Artwork: Medhat Sheren
Concept: Kenny Jeong
Useful Links
Connect with Medhat on Artstation: medhat-sh
Follow Medhat on Instagram: medhat_sheren
Browse Kenny's character concepts on ArtStation: kennyjeong

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Text author: Maria JD
Artwork by: Medhat Sheren
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