Art Heroes student to 3D Artist

A look at how our Alum Marc Morado took his graduate skills to the next level on the Stylized Program
In this edition of the Art Heroes blog, Alum Marc takes us through his processes and new lessons from concept to completed character sculpt.
Meet Marc Morado
Tell us about yourself
My name is Marc Morado and I am from Spain. Right now I am in the middle of a Master Degree specializing in Zbrush, before that I studied Game Art and Development.

I have been doing 3D for three years now, but I started using Zbrush just two years ago.

All of this came to be because I have always loved sculptures and when I learned that the collectibles and game characters were made like this I had to learn how to use this program.
How it started
What's the name of your Project? Where did the concept come from? Why did you choose it?
The concept was made by Nico Lee Lazarus, and I chose it because I loved how she looked at you, like she doesn't care about anything, and in my opinion that makes her feel super badass and to top it off she has a lot of style.

Character Development
What were the main milestones for you?
My main objective was to be able to transfer the feeling that she can do anything.

The reason this project came out like this is thanks to the help from Daniele Danko, the tutoring sessions with him were awesome and I learned a ton of things.
What were your biggest challenges while working on this project?
The thing that took the most effort to make right was the puffed shirt, I couldn't get the wrinkles right and it took a lot of tries. Here are two examples of those tries.

" One thing that I found out quite useful is that you can merge two parts of a model without having to do a dynamesh.

- First of all connect the parts of the mesh, for example with the curve bridge brush.

- Store the history by control clicking on the last save.

- Zremesh the model and reproject the history.

With these steps you can maintain your mesh integrity, like the mouth or other details.

I learned this from one of my sessions with Daniele Danko. "
Marc Morado
Art Heroes Student
How did you overcome these challenges?
I took my time and kept working on it until I got it, and in that process I learned different ways of approaching wrinkles and how to stylize them.

What's Next?
What are your plans for the future?
I have a new piece for my portfolio and I love 3D printing, so I want to prepare my project for that.
Final Project
Artwork: Marc Morado
Concept: Nico Lee Lazarus
Useful Links
Connect with Marc on ArtStation: marcmorado
Follow Marc on Instagram: marcmorado
Browse Nico's character concepts on ArtStation: nicoleelazarus

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Text author: Maria JD
Artwork by: Marc Morado
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