Make your Characters Game-Ready

a brand new expansion pack on the art heroes horizon covering retopology, UVs + Texturing characters ready for rigging and animation
Both Retopology and UVs can feel monotonous, but if you’re going to do 3D modelling professionally it’s crucial to master.


Because it’s almost impossible to land a job in the industry without these skills.
What's covered in the new program?
No Fluff. No eye-balling.
No searching YouTube for workflows that may not be the best.
instead, 6 hours of step-by-step processes in hd video.
Lesson 1 - Retopology workflow
— What is retopology?
— How to retopo?
— Types: quads, triangles, n-gons
— What comes after retopology?
Lesson 2 - UV Mapping, Unwrapping + More
— What are UVs
— Why is UV mapping important?
— How UV mapping works?
— Dealing with seams
— Defining seams for UV Unwrapping
— UV Coherence
— UVs and Real World Scale
Lesson 3 - Retopo to texturing
— Benefits of a properly UV'd character in texturing
— How the UV will work on texturing / material creation
— Detailing in texture rather than in sculpt
Is there feedback on the new mini program?
Yes and no... read more below
make your characters game ready expansion pack
comes in two options
Option 1:
game ready Expansion pack only
+ Includes 1 year access to the Expansion Pack
Option 2:
game ready expansion pack Expansion Pack + private mentorship
+ Includes 1 year access to the Expansion Pack
+ Two private session with assigned Mentor
+ Complete your character under guidance
Who's leading the mini program?
— Hugo Sena —
Senior Character Artist at Counterplay Games + Art Heroes Mentor
Check out his artwork below
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Text author: Hannah Barmes Healy

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