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Art Heroes Podcast ep.8:
Maarten Verhoeven // Freelance Digital Sculptor
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Who is it
Maarten Verhoeven has been in the industry for 10+ years, building his way through as an independent digital sculptor. He works with a wide range of projects internationally and locally, leveraging 3D printing tech.

Why should you listen
Understand how artists can use 3D printing

Key takeaway
Learn more about 3D printing, its' limitations and you'll have a new source of projects.
When you think sculpting, the most obvious application of your talent that comes to mind is likely sculpting collectibles, creatures, and making art for videogames. In this episode, we uncover another niche for 3D sculptors - 3D printing, and how you can utilise it to get more clients, in places you probably haven't thought of!
"Even if you like, let say, superhero stuff, try to be very diverse, in a professional way"
Maarten Verhoeven in one paragraph
Maarten Verhoeven is freelance a digital sculptor, concept and VFX artist specializing in work for film, commercials, prototypes and toys. Having background in art, he handles different aspects of production, from concept, sculpting, compositing and color grading. Today he's working as a freelance ZBrush artist, contributing his talents worldwide to various companies, publications and projects.
"I was a freelance digital sculptor for 5 years and never met anyone who did the same thing that I did"
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