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Art Heroes Podcast ep.6:
Nico Lee Lazarus // SixMoreVodka (Berlin)
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Who is it
Nico Lee Lazarus currently works as a junior concept artist for a premier design studio SIXMOREVODKA (Berlin), after working as an Art Director in mobile games studio in South Africa. Nico creates epic concepts that many Art Heroes Stylized Character Program students recreate in 3D.

Why should you listen
To learn what it actually takes to be a concept artist, about career paths and opportunities.

Key takeaway
Be realistic about your expectations when you start. It's not AAA or nothing, everyone has to start somewhere.
What does it take to be a kick-ass concept artist?

In this episode, we explore career options of a concept artist, learn about Nico's path from being an art director to stepping down to become a junior concept artist back again, and learn about the differences of career in South Africa VS Europe, and all about working at a top studio like SixMoreVodka.
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Art Heroes Stylized Characters program: https://academy.artheroes.co/
SixMoreVodka official website: https://sixmorevodka.com/
"You've got to be doing art that people want in their projects,
not trying to be a part of their projects"
Nico Lee Lazarus in one paragraph
Concept artist from Johannesburg South Africa, Nico has been working in the video game and film industry for 5 years. After working as the art director at a mobile game studio, he is currently working as a junior at SIXMOREVODKA in Berlin, Germany
"Part of this career is a mental battle. A lot of people see what's out there, they start thinking - I'm never gonna be good enough and what's the point.

Once you believe that, they're gonna lose"
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