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Art Heroes Podcast ep.12:
Mickael Lelievre // Senior Character Sculptor
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Who is it
Mickael Lelièvre is a french character modeler who works in PureArts Montreal as Senior Character sculptor in High quality Collectible.

Why should you listen
Understand the world of crowdfunding and learn what you can do to bring your digital art to real life

Key takeaway
It's harder than it seems, but there are many paths (alternative to indiegogo and kickstarter), that make a better fit for digital artists.
What does it take to crowdfund a digital art project and get your followers or backers support you? What projects make the best crowdfunding material? Are there any platforms, except kickstarter and indiegogo, that work best for digital artists?

Mickael Lelievre is a 3D modeler with almost 10 years of experience in the industry. He currently works at PureArts Montreal as Senior Character sculptor in High quality Collectibles, and he has personal and professional experience with crowdfunding 3d printing projects. He crowdfunded his own art project, and works with a team that runs a crowdfunding campaign at PureArts.

Mickael is our source of inspiration (and information!) this week.
Connect with Mickael Lelievre
Mickael on Instagram: @mickaellelievre.abby
Mickael on ArtStation
Mickael on LinkedIn

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Mickael Lelievre in one paragraph
Mickael Lelièvre is a french character modeler who lives and works in Montréal, Canada.

He started his carrier as freelance modeler for Architecture in 2011 just after school, and after that he started to work for TAT Production November 2012 where he started as junior modeler for a TV Serie named ''The Jungle Bunch''.
During his 7 Years at TAT he became senior and Lead, on the side he started his personal projects in Zbrush mainly, leading him to freelancing projects.
Since then Mickael is still a freelance artist, creating mainly Concept art for Game and Movies, but also collectible figures, sculpts and book covers.
In March 2019, he started his new assignment in PureArts Montreal as Senior Character sculptor in High quality Collectible.

When we see his personal portfolio we can see Mickael enjoys creating and interpreting creatures, realistic and cartoon-ish.
We can see some influence from his childhood as TMNT or Pokemon.
For my 1st crowdfunding project I had 18 backers and it I had one month to make it happen.
You might have a lot of followers and think - "a lot of them will buy", but this is not true. Following you and buying your art are two different things
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