Lee Cavaliere // Art Advisor


  • The emergence of digital art galleries and their rise to prominence during the pandemic
  • The types of careers available if you don't make it as an artist
  • Making connections and networking within the art community
Art Heroes Podcast ep.58:
Lee Cavaliere // Art Advisor
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Who is it
Lee Cavaliere is an Art Advisor who works with artists, galleries and museums internationally, developing exhibitions and facilitating opportunities and connections. He's spent a number of years working with the Tate, Max Wigram Gallery and the Fine Art Society.
Lee has been active in the digital art services sector for seven years, playing integral roles in the founding and growth of brands including MutualArt, Articheck and ARTA. He now heads up VOMA, the world’s very first online + interactive art museum; and The Sixteen Trust, a charity dedicated to opening up the arts to economically deprived young people.
"The main problem is not doing something it's deciding what to do and that you want to do it. Once you've decided that you want to do it all you have to do is do it."
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