Sergio Seabra // Concept Designer

Game characters from sculpting to texturing


  • What it's like entering the industry as a mature adult
  • Nailing your artistic style and running with it
  • How to get your artwork seen
  • Tactics for not giving up on your dreams
Art Heroes Podcast ep.57:
Sergio Sena //Concept Designer
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Who is it
Sergio Seabra is a Concept Designer with a background in Industrial Design with a deep passion for the futuristic and realistic sci-fi aesthetics he specializes in hard surface design for the entertainment industry.
"This is the perfect industry for it also, because unlike other industries, you can especially in the art department, you can choose your own path. You can explore your next thing you can. You don't need to follow anyone's path. You can do your own thing. You can explore hard surface. You can move to another thing and design your path."
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