Hugo Sena // Lead Character Artist

Game characters from sculpting to texturing


  • Professional workflow for game characters
  • How 100+ characters (mix-and-match) are made and what it takes
  • How to get attention of a lead artist (and get a job)
  • How to answer tricky interview questions in art interviews
  • Balancing of work life and family life
  • What you need to know as an aspiring game artist
Art Heroes Podcast ep.50:
Hugo Sena // Lead Character Artist
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Who is it
Hugo Sena is a lead character artist at Rouge Factor and based in Montreal. Not only is he jumping from sculpting to texturing on the daily but he simultaneously manages a team of artists. Hugo loves everything there is about characters, be it realistic, cartoony, subhuman and everything in between.
"I'm really satisfied with a project and I'm going to post it, and as soon as I click publish, I immediately hate it and I'm like, this is shit, I need to redo it. That's good and it's bad at the same time because it takes a toll on the confidence."
"Whatever you do it's not a race. The industry is pushing us to be better sooner and quicker but it's not a race, it's a marathon. You don't want to be the best for two years and then stop working because you are burnt out."
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