Daniele Danko Angelozzi

Starting 3D career at 30 & Creating epic pieces for collectionists

Art Heroes Podcast ep.1:
Daniele Danko Angelozzi
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Who is it
Daniele Danko is an italian 3D artist famous for his character art for collectionists.

Why should you listen
To understand how you can break into collectionists industry and how to get started

Key takeaway
One piece of artwork can totally change your life
In this podcast episode, we're chatting with Daniele Danko, an italian 3D artist famous for his character art for collectionists. Daniele made a big leap changing his career from biologist to a 3D artist at the age of 30 and never looked back. He talks about making this change, crafting personal style as a 3D character artist, and what it actually takes to build a career and get stable clients within the collectionists' world.
More about Daniele's art:

Artwork mentioned during the episode:
Charlie Chaplin:
My first work was making a rock.
For 50 bucks.
It was actually an asteroid.
When you work for a client, you've got to work hard to be...a little bit of a monkey and hide your real style
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