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Oscar Trejo // Freelance 3D artist
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Who is it
Oscar Trejo is a 3D artist with a wide spectrum of interests, from organic sculpts to hard surface and everything in between. Recently Oscar started working in-depth on an intellectual property of his own: Clara Project has an ambitious goal of becoming a TV-series for young kids.

Why should you listen
Learn what it takes to make an IP, and where to start.

Key takeaway
There are so many ways to use your talent, and creating an IP is your way to enter entertainment industry.
Have you ever thought of an IP (intellectual property) with your art? How does it even work? Oscar Trejo went through the process of creating one just last year, all alone.
In this episode we learn his story, how he got into it and what's the future of his art and his potential TV series for kids.
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As an artist owning IP, you need to be detached from it, because one day you might need to change everything or even sell it.
Oscar Trejo in one paragraph
Oscar Trejo its a 3D artist from Mexico city that has been able to work in a variety of different projects from video games & animation, toys, jewelry design & medical prosthesis and has been doing streamings in the Pixologic Zbrush channel for 2 years. Recently he started to focus on IP development for animated shows.
"The more friends in the industry you have, the higher chances that you're recommended for a job"
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