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Art Heroes Podcast ep.7:
Dan Franke // Freelance VR Artist an Educator
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Who is it
Dan Franke is a freelance VR Artist from Stuttgart, Germany. Dan professionally works with Quill as of his tool of choice on a variety of projects ranging from short films to educational programs

Why should you listen
Understand VR and discover opportunities that are out there for artists.

Key takeaway
You can learn Quill in one day and become one of the pioneers of the big movement.
Learn a tool in one day and become one of the pioneers of it?

We didn't know there's much to innovate in art until we had this chat with Dan Franke, who's a VR addict and a true fan.

A Quill artist Dan shares all you need to know about virtual reality tools and communities, LOTS of learning resources and actionable tips to help you get started as a Quill artist (and create amazing pieces, with minimum to no learning curve!)
"First, there were phones, then, internet,
and now maybe
VR will be the way people communicate"
Dan Franke in one paragraph
Dan Franke is a freelance VR Artist from Stuttgart, Germany.
Having studied at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and coming from a professional background in 3D Modeling, Animation and Concept Art, Dan has always felt the need to create stories without the limits of huge teams and production budgets. The VR tool Quill allowed him to overcome those boundaries and since he has realized a variety of projects, ranging from installations, educational programs, short films, game design and music videos.

Together with other talented Quill Artists he co-founded Studio Syro and is sharing his knowledge with the VR community with great enthusiasm in workshops all around Europe.
Curiosity Film
In the podcast episode, Dan talks about his 1st Quill short film - the one that took him two days. Here it is!
"A week after my first Quill workshop, I made a 2,5 minute short film in 2 days"
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