Maria Panfilova // Freelancer



  • The reasons why 3D character artists chose freelancing over employment.
  • Finding passion in a childhood hobby.
  • How to get over the 3D program intimidation.
  • Self-teaching with 3D and the power of tutorials.
  • Tips to build an impressive portfolio
  • Understanding the importance of setting achievable goals as an artist.
  • How to look for a supportive online community where you post your work.
  • Long-term and short-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to the freelancing world.
  • Recommendations on where to find a 3D market.

Art Heroes Podcast ep.18:
Maria Panfilova // Freelancer
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Who is it
Maria is a freelance 3d character artist working in game and animation industry around 9 years of experience. She was born and lives in Moscow, Russia.

Why should you listen
In this episode of the Art Heroes Podcast, Maria shares how a childhood hobby turned into a career. She also shares the exciting journey and challenges that she faces as a freelance 3D artist.
Meet Maria Panfilova, a freelance 3D character artist from Moscow who works in the game industry, animation, and collectibles. She joined the animation industry back in 2012 where she worked for studios but later switched to freelancing.

In this episode of the Art Heroes Podcast, Maria shares how a childhood hobby turned into a career. She also shares the exciting journey and challenges that she faces as a freelance 3D artist.

Listen in to learn important tips that Maria has for beginner artists like how to learn the skill and where to find the market. You will also learn why most 3D character artists opt to do freelancing work rather than work for studios.
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  • [Min 1] Get to know Maria Panfilova.
  • [Min 2] What type of art does she specialize in?
  • [Min 3] Maria explains her reasons for going freelance even though the studio was a good learning place.
  • [Min 5] Pursuing a childhood hobby in graphic design that turned into a career.
  • [Min 7] She shares how she overcame her initial intimidation with the 3D program and her determination to learn it through tutorials.
  • [Towards min 9] How she self-taught herself through tutorials while juggling psychology school.
  • [Towards min 11] Why studios in Moscow offer a good learning environment for beginners.
  • [Min 13] Tips to build your animation and 3d character artist portfolio.
  • [Min 16] The importance of setting achievable goals and proving yourself to clients.
  • [Min 20] Why you should not compare your skills with other artists.
  • [Min 23] The effects of today's algorithm on social media and how it affects artists.
  • [Min 25] Why you need to look for a supportive and smaller online community and avoid large toxic ones.
  • [Min 28] What strategy would Maria use in leaving a toxic online community?
  • [Min 32] How has the COVID-19 prompted lockdown affected Maria's job and life?
  • [Min 35] Is there hope that the culture of remote work will improve after the Coronavirus?
  • [Towards min 37] The problems in the freelancing industry and what needs to be improved.
  • [Min 43] Maria's recommendation on where to find the trends in the market.
  • [Min 48] She answers the fun ten questions.
"Do what you like, self-express, experiment, and don't put borders to what you can do when growing your portfolio"
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