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Art Heroes Podcast ep.15:
Hakim Rafai // Freelance Concept Artist
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Who is it
Hakim Rafai currently works as a concept artist full-time, but his artistic career swinged from 3D to 2D, from animation to illustration and concepting.

Why should you listen
Hakim shares his perspective on navigating freelance environment, as a concept artist.

Key takeaway
You can (and should!) charge the rates you deserve as a freelancer. Although it might seem hard in the start, you will find your client eventually.
Hakim Rafai is a freelance concept artist from Norway. Having been in the industry for over a decade, he cruised from being an animator to 3D artist, and finally returned back to 2D art. In this interview, we go in-depth in what it actually is like - being a freelance concept artist, especially when you live in one of the most expensive places in the world.

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Hakim's List of Inspiration
-How to draw_Scott Robertsons
-how to render_Scott Robertsons
-Color and Light by James Gurney
-Imaginative Realism by James Gurney
-Anatomy for sculptors
-Figure Drawing For All It's Worth
-Michael Hampton- Figure Drawing - Design and Invention

Concept Artists:
-Feng Zhu
-Antony Jones
-Jaime Jones
-craig mullins
-Carla Ortiz
-Simon Stålenhag
-karl kopinski
Asian Artists:
-Ruan Jia
-Zeen Chin
-Face Zero
-Kim Jung Gi
-Wei feng

Old Masters:

-Jean leon gerome
-J.C Leyendecker
-Richard Schmid
-John Singer Sargent
"As a freelancer, if you begin selling yourself too low, you're gonna break the market for other freelancers"
"When your quality increases, you find out that there are other clients that can pay your new rates"
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