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Art Heroes Podcast ep.13:
Daniel Bel // Senior Sculptor at Sideshow Collectibles
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Who is it
Daniel Bel is a senior sculptor at Sideshow collectibles. Daniel has given life to a huge number of DC and Marvel characters.

Why should you listen
Know how to get feedback and grow through it professionally

Key takeaway
Negative feedback is specially important if you want to improve and grow as an artist: don't be defensive; instead, reach out and ask for details to help you improve for next piece.
How do you react to negative feedback from your clients, your friends or your audience? Do you ever try to understand what exactly they mean? Do you know how to learn from it?

In this episode, a professional digital sculptor working in collectibles industry, Daniel Bel, shares his strategies for accepting feedback, for digging deeper and building authentic relationships with clients, partners and colleagues.
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Being a good sculptor is more than using the tools. It is having an eye, knowledge and knowing how use it.
Computer and software are just a medium.
Daniel Bel in one paragraph
Daniel Bel was born in 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is a CG Artist and Digital Sculptor who has been working in different areas of the field for more than fifteen years.
His first job connected with the 3d world was in engineering as a Mechanical Designer. Later on, he moved to Architectural Visualization as a Technical Director. This was followed by Video Games, where he worked as Lead Animator. Then he entered the Advertising and Motion Graphics business as a CG artist and Art Director. And for the last 5 years, he has been working as a digital sculptor for some of the best collectible companies in the world, like Sideshow Collectibles. There, he performs the role of Senior Sculptor, giving life to many DC and Marvel characters, from the comics to the statue collectible world.
"Nobody wants to work with a talented asshole"
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