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Salim Ljabli // Lead 3D Character Artist
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Who is it
Salim Ljabli is a professional 3D character artist, specializing on likenesses. Salim has been working in the industry for 15+ years, and has come a long way from where he started.

Why should you listen
Get strategies to improve your skills without attending an art school

Key takeaway
Doesn't matter where you come from and what kind of resources you've got: dedicate time to self-improvement and you'll see results in your work.
As a teenager, I was beaten up for what I'm doing now. Literally, whipped - so that I just focus on my studies and not do 3D.
For some artists, path to success is not straightforward and doesn't go through art school, online courses or mentoring. Salim Ljabli is one of those who had to build his way through non-existing internet access in a Moroccan town, starting at the age of 16. Until today,

Salim keeps military discipline when it comes to constant improvement, and the results are there. His work speaks for itself. Salim is definitely one of the people to learn from when it comes to acquiring tools and experience with minimum to no resources.
Art Station:

Salim Ljabli in one paragraph
Salim is a Moroccan self-taught artist with a big passion for modelling and sculpting.
Salim has been working in the game industry for over 15 years now,
starting his carrier around 2005. Back then his main focus was all around vehicles and hard surface modelling.
For the past 9 years his interest started to shift toward organic modelling and sculpting, when by challenging himself and getting out of his comfort zone Salim changed his field of expertise.
Salim has worked with top names in the industry and i've been blessed and happy to work with various known names in the industry, as well as some of the leading companies in the field.
If I created something good today, I strive to make something even better tomorrow. It has nothing to do with comparing my art with others, it's racing against myself.
"In 2005 I was working in the industry for free. I didn't have a national ID, a bank account.
I was just a child, I was not even allowed to work"
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