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Art Heroes Podcast ep.10:
Paloma Alperi and Carlos Sastre
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Artwork by Carlos Sastre
Who is it
Paloma and Carlos are quite a couple: they're partners in life and at work. Paloms is well-known for her character work for clients like Netflix and Blur, and Carlos is one of the partners at Illusorium, a high-profile VFX studio based in Madrid.

Why should you listen
Get inspired and learn what it takes to start and scale a VFX business.

Key takeaway
Before you start invoicing hundreds of thousands, you might need to work for much less. But keep your ambitions high!
Valentine's Day edition at Art Heroes and our guests - star couple, Paloma Alperi and Carlos Sastre, a total #DoubleTrouple!

We talk about managing a VFX studio, budgets for projects and collaborating in business and a relationship. Lots of great learnings!
Ilusorium Studios:
Carlos on Art Station:
Paloma on Art Station:

"I made my first one thousand euro in 3D making assets for a videogame, and went to LA for a month with it"

- Paloma Alperi
Paloma Alperi in one paragraph
Paloma Alperi is a freelance sculptor and character artist based in Madrid (Spain)
She worked for clients like with Blur and Netflix, Blur Studio, Ironhead, Prime1 and others. Paloma previously worked for the videogames industry at IO Interactive and The Creative Assembly.
Carlos Sastre in one paragraph
Carlos Sastre is a co-founder and an art director at Illusorium Studios.
Carlos teaches anatomy and digital sculpture, and previously worked with clients like Ubisoft, Pixomondo, Warner , Deluxe, etc.
"Our studio is a little bit crazy. We're a bunch of crazy people, and the partners are the worst. We still prank a lot."

- Carlos Sastre
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