It was great to meet you @ ANIMAYO!
Hey! This is Marlon Nuñez and Art Heroes Team.
It was nice to meet you at Animayo Gran Canaria. Here's a special materials bundle that we made available for you guys. In fact, I used the materials I'm sharing to create Tyrion for GoT cinematic project, as well as for many other characters of mine. I hope that will be helpful for your workflow, too!
Download a set of materials and get a few extra free tutorials to help you use them correctly and learn some of my tips.
Download Free Zbrush skin/eye material bundle
Download our materials bundle and unlock access to 3 short video tutorials on working with materials in Zbrush.
It's totally free
Get free materials bundle + unlock access to 3 bonus tutorials
I'd love to see you getting the most out of your talent. It takes a great deal of effort, but here are some of the tools that can surely help you up. Download materials I always use in my process, get tutorials on how to apply them and take a guaranteed shortcut.
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What's in the bundle
Ready-to-use skin and eye materials
Download our skin and eye materials and apply them straight in your work
3 tutorials on using materials for character creation
We will be sending you our top tips so that you could get the most out of these materials
Great quality of your renders
We'll share our workflow to achieve a professional render
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