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Episode 0: Introducing Art Heroes Podcast

Welcome to episode ZERO of Art Heroes podcast!

Exciting to have you here, guys!

Welcome Maria JD, I'm your host at Art Heroes Podcast, and it's a very fun episode for us.

Make sure you listen up until the end, because I'm gonna be announcing an amazing giveaway that we designed here with Art Heroes team.

Your Host:
Maria JD is the co-founder at Art Heroes and an engineer behind Art Heroes Academy processes, and her personal priority at Art Heroes is making sure everyone has the tools to make it big in the industry.

In this episode 0 I'm just giving you a preview of what's gonna be happening and why you should tune in!

We're pre-announcing a pretty fancy line-up for the upcoming episodes:
  • Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • Vimal Kerketta
  • Brendan McCaffrey
  • Stephen Anderson from Walt Disney Imagineering

and others!

What we're going to be covering in the podcast weekly:
  • We'll go really in-depth in careers, industries and how to breakthrough
  • We'll be uncovering digital art as business
  • We'll talk about personalities, stories and what are the artists' routines like
  • And finally, what it takes to become an Art Hero

How you can listen to the podcast:

There are so many ways you guys can listen to us -

Apple podcast
Watch on YouTube
Read shownotes on our website
Read interviews in the blog form, too - again, here on

From now on, it's a weekly show.

Tune in with us!
Art Heroes Podcast