Free Online Workshops for Digital Character Artists
Tools, strategies, and best practices for starting + progressing your career as a 3D Character Artist
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Artwork by Elisa Galindo, Overwatch fan art
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What to expect from 3D Art Career Sprint
- Learn strategy, tools, and tactics to help land an industry job

- Find out what recruiters + studios look for when hiring.

- Beat imposter syndrome or that imposing fear of failure with proven techniques to stay on top of things.

- Learn how to create + perfect your CV + Motivation Letter (even if you're just starting out as an artist).

- Find out how to get the experience all studios require when you're a newbie.

- How to adapt + thrive in different roles, studios, setups and teams.

- Where and how to score your first industry job.

- What new technologies are doing to the industry, how this effects job opportunities and the character artists' workflow.

Save your seat at the workshops
  • 6 educational workshops by top-notch artists and advisors
  • CV + Cover Letter cheat-sheets
  • Tactics + techniques for 3D Artists seeking work
Plus much more!
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Learn from top-notch artists

We're excited to have some of the best artists out there sharing their advice and knowledge with you and the rest of our community.

  • Annabelle Sémaan 

    Characters Artist

    @ Reflector

    Montreal, Canada

  • Brad Myers

    Lead Character Artist @

    Probably Monsters

    Seattle, USA

  • J Hill 

    Sr. Character Artist 

    @ Turtle Rock Studios

    California, USA

  • Marlon Nunez

    Senior Character Artist + Art Heroes Co-Founder

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Rachid Jatib

    Freelance 3D Artist

    Miami, USA

  • Traian Constantin Boitan

    3D Character Artist @ Illusorium Studios

    Madrid, Spain

  • Joaquin Cossio

    Creature Artist @


    California, USA

  • Juan Puerta

    Sr. Character Artist @

    Unity Technologies

    Hamburg, Germany

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Where can I watch the workshops?
You will receive access the workshop as soon as you sign up
What time are the workshops?
Workshops are recorded, so you can watch them at any time.
How long will the workshops be available?
You will have complementary access for 10 days.
What tools do I need?
Just come and get ready to take notes!
I'm an artist, but I don't work with 3D. Is this useful for me?
Yes! If you're considering a 3D artists career, this will be of great help. Even if not, most tools are versatile for all artists.
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