Free Online Workshops for Digital Character Artists
Tools, strategies, and best practices for starting + progressing your career as a 3D Character Artist
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Artwork by Elisa Galindo, Overwatch fan art
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What to expect from 3D Art Career Sprint
- Learn strategy, tools, and tactics to help land an industry job

- Find out what recruiters + studios look for when hiring.

- Beat imposter syndrome or that imposing fear of failure with proven techniques to stay on top of things.

- Learn how to create + perfect your CV + Motivation Letter (even if you're just starting out as an artist).

- Find out how to get the experience all studios require when you're a newbie.

- How to adapt + thrive in different roles, studios, setups and teams.

- Where and how to score your first industry job.

- What new technologies are doing to the industry, how this effects job opportunities and the character artists' workflow.

Save your seat at the workshops
  • 6 educational workshops by top-notch artists and advisors
  • CV + Cover Letter cheat-sheets
  • Tactics + techniques for 3D Artists seeking work
Plus much more!
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Learn from top-notch artists

We're excited to have some of the best artists out there sharing their advice and knowledge with you and the rest of our community.

  • Annabelle Sémaan 

    Characters Artist

    @ Reflector

    Montreal, Canada

  • Brad Myers

    Lead Character Artist @

    Probably Monsters

    Seattle, USA

  • J Hill 

    Sr. Character Artist 

    @ Turtle Rock Studios

    California, USA

  • Marlon Nunez

    Senior Character Artist + Art Heroes Co-Founder

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Rachid Jatib

    Freelance 3D Artist

    Miami, USA

  • Traian Constantin Boitan

    3D Character Artist @ Illusorium Studios

    Madrid, Spain

  • Joaquin Cossio

    Creature Artist @


    California, USA

  • Juan Puerta

    Sr. Character Artist @

    Unity Technologies

    Hamburg, Germany

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