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Join our 7-day experience, learn the likeness process, and make your first realistic face sculpt.
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Workshops Program

Workshop 1 | Day 1

Facial Anatomy Fundamentals

  • Skull landmarks, facial proportions
  • How to approach any likeness focusing on
  • the shapes

Workshop 2 | Day 3

Skin Porosity + Texturing XYZ Maps

  • How to apply skin porosity with Texturing XYZ maps to achieve realistic look (step-by-step)
  • Tips and tricks for perfecting the look

Workshop 3 | Day 5

Realistic Hair in Zbrush

  • Learn a pipeline for realistic hair
  • Get fibermesh settings to experiment with
  • Practice sculpting long hair

Downloads Included

To ensure you get the results you want, along with the workshops we are sharing the downloads. Access them at the workshops and keep for future projects.
Skin material
Marlon Nunez is sharing his time-proved skin material you can use for your realistic characters.
Follow and analyze our instructors' process by examining their mood boards as you work.
Registrations And pricing
Likeness Workshops
Access a series of 3 workshops and assignments
  • Sculpting face in 15 minutes
  • Texturing workshop
  • Hair in ZBrush
  • Homework assignments to keep you accountable
  • Downloadable tools for you to practice
  • Stay accountable @ our Discord

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