New Workshop Dates Announced: 8-12 February 2023
8-12 February 2023
A 4-day event to help you find work, get paid and launch your career as a 3D character artist.
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Artwork by
Tian Jing Won
3D Art Career week
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Would love to make 3D Art your Profession?
not just passion?
The Fast-Track 3D Art Career is a 4-day event with daily workshops to help you navigate a professional career as a 3D Artist.
On day 1, you'll learn what your portfolio should be like in 2023 (to make sure you are hired).

On day 2, you'll learn all about 3D Artist salaries and rates (for freelancers and full-timers).

On days 3 and 4, you'll learn how you, as a 3D artist, can succeed remotely, and how to take advantage of AI.
If you are curious about what 3D Artist as a profession can bring you, this is the perfect place to get started.
Our goal is to set you up for success, in 2023 and beyond.
Event Schedule
  • How to start your portfolio and what you should be aiming for
  • Good Vs Great portfolio that will actually get you a job
  • 4 ways to make your ArtStation profile work
  • Actionable tips that will help your art stand out
Portfolio 101
3D Characters: show-and-tell
  • An informal chat within our closed community
  • Come and show your artwork s and get professional feedback
  • Bring finished characters or WIPs (+questions about them)
Hosted by Ben Courtenay and Tanja Langgner
  • 5 rules for setting better rates
  • What you can be making as a full-time artist Vs as a freelancer
  • Quick check if you are charging enough
What you should be charging as a 3D artist
  • What is AI - a threat or an opportunity?
  • How to take advantage of AI
  • Steps every artist should be taking this year (if you don't want to be a victim of technology)
How to make sure AI doesn't take my job in 2023
  • How to keep your freedom while pursuing your passion
  • Building your career remotely and what you should be aware of
  • How to network, build relationships and progress your career
How to build a full-blown career as a 3D Character Artist while traveling the world with your family
  • Submit your portfoio in advance and get reviewed at the session (spots limited!)
  • Get practical tips and recommendations about your portfolio
  • Understand what your portfolio is missing and what your next goals can be
Portfolio review day
Brought to you
by Industry leading creator
Marlon R Nunez
Art Director and co-founder at Art Heroes, Marlon has been a part of the world's best teams, from EA, Blur, Goodbye Kansas, and Realtime.
Marlon specializes in digital humans and one of his big passions is creating stylized characters. Marlon is a current WACOM Europe and Lenovo ambassador.
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4 days of workshops and assignments
What to expect from
Fast Track 3D Character Art Career
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Get advice from an industry veteran on what ACTUALLY matters for getting your first jobs (and what really doesn’t)
Get complete clarity on freelancing rates & job salaries, so you can set your price with confidence
Learn how to level-up your portfolio to stick out in a sea of competition, and get your work noticed by potential clients and employers
Career-killing mistakes and pitfalls you MUST avoid as a 3D Character Artist
Find out the most important steps you need to take to land your first jobs in the 3D Art Industry, even if you’re a complete newbie
Learn how to become an “AI-Proof Artist” and learn the crucial skills that will get you hired even in the times of AI-generated art
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It's always fun to participate in your challenges, they are interesting, short and it's a chance to learn something new and make some breakthrough in other big projects.
Dmytro P.
I met some amazing people during the event, and I shared my artwork + got feedback that really helped me improve. I was so scared of showing my WIPs, but it made a huge difference. So proud of myself!
Flor L.
Got motivation from this event , also I got really helpful feedback about my portfolio, so thank you very much!
Dasha K.
I got so inspired to take my art seriously, although before the event I was only playing with ZBrush because I enjoyed it
Danielle R.

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