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Launch Your Character Art Career In Just 16 Weeks
Get the mentorship, tools, and community you need to
16 Week Program + 1 Year Support
Mentoring From Industry Professionals
Get Certified
Feedback Hub is a private community where 3D artists get anytime feedback on their projects and attend unlimited live sessions on topics they are interested in.
Skill level
Due on weekly basis
2 months unlimited access to Feedback Hub
Weekly Q&A sessions with a mentor during 5 weeks
5 weeks
Live + recorded
Are you still waiting to become “good enough” before you launch your character art career? You know what your ideal career looks like. It’s getting there that’s the problem. And there’s always that feeling of self-doubt.

We’ve worked with hundreds of students in your shoes!

And we tell them: it really it isn’t as hard as you would imagine.

Does it take time? Yes
Does it take a lot of practice? Yes tons!

But the process can be simplified and accelerated with the right education, feedback, up to date info + support from experienced mentors.
Hey you!
This is NOT some outdated collage curriculum delivered by a bunch of tutor “has-beens”.

We teach only what you NEED to learn to become a 3D Character Artist.
Don’t make the same mistakes countless other artists make
– Freelance 3D Artist | Traditional Sculptor, Argentina
Maximo "Pit" Bibiloni
I'm still struggling to jump in the AAA/ aa industry, my bachelor degrees is in fine arts, and i learn proper zbrushing and character art with artheroes programs. Also i was stucked on the companies on my city or country and started networking and get to know other fellow 3d artists from around the world trough artheroes. Im not sure how MA degrees works but i would change all the time i spent studying and wasting time on my bachelor degree, into
finding art heroes sooner on my career.
Instead you could spend the next 12 months working alongside current and working 3d character art industry pros, curating and refining the characters that will do the hiring for you.
Finish art school with an expensive (and/or irrelevant) degree but a weak portfolio…
Only 1 in 10 art school grads actually become working artists
Get into $100,000 - $150,000 worth of collage debt when…
Online learning can help students retain between 25% and 60% more information than in classroom learning (Source: eLearning Industry)
Spend 9-5 for the next 3 years in art collage covering a syllabus of everything vfx related when you could just specialize from the beginning and…
Introducing Character Artist Accelerator
A 16-Week Mentorship, Expertly Crafted to Kickstart Your 3D Character Art Career Today
We’ve taken the 10+ years of experience of our industry-veteran mentors, and packed it into an immersive program designed to get you from zero to career-ready in months, rather than years.

Our flexible curriculum includes a mix of video lectures, assignments, and weekly live sessions with an expert mentor.
Learn alongside an intimate group of other highly-motivated peers, build out a rockstar portfolio with help from our industry recruiters, and master all the essential tools & skills you need to thrive in the industry. We’ll even get you in front of our network of hiring managers, so you can get a headstart on your career and land your first big job in the thrilling world of 3D Character Design.
Is the average salary a 3D Character Artist can earn in the United States
Students have successfully graduated our program and kickstarted their 3D Character Art career
Anatomy is a difficult thing to sculpt. But we’ve broken it down into step-by-step tutorials so that you’ll have hair, faces, and clothes down by the time your 16 weeks are up.
Make character art your “thing”
YouTube and Discord forums can only take you so far. Get the personalized feedback you need to progress, fast.
Stop spinning your wheels
Build a career-making portfolio
In this competitive industry, your portfolio can make or break your career. Get your portfolio fine tuned by character artists working (and hiring) in the industry .
Bring your creative passion
Doesn’t matter if you’ve just dipped your toes into Zbrush. Or have been designing characters as a hobby and are finally getting the guts to go big with it. You bring your creativity and passion that drive you and let the trainings shape you.
Since you’re here, I think it’s fair to say you’re beyond ready to ditch your mind-numbing 9-5 job with full confidence that you can make it as a character artist
Help finding the best job opportunities, and learning what you need to do to land interviews
Personal brand trainings to help you showcase your art across all platforms for maximum visibility on social media
A study squad of 5-7 artists to keep you accountable and help peers out
365 days of course and community access
200+ hours of tutorials, trainings, and walkthroughs available 24/7
Savings of $1000+ on software and tools from Art Heroes partners like Marmoset, Substance Painter, Russian 3D scanner, 3D Scan Store, and more.
join character artist accelerator and get:
Time-saving templates and trainings to get you hired and kickstart your career
Weekly mentorship sessions to get helpful feedback, answer your most pressing questions, and more
Mentorship and critiques from in-house recruiters
Instant access to your dedicated discord community where you can get advice and feedback from people going through the same lessons as you — getting tailored advice that is much more personalized than any Reddit thread
Expires February, 14
10X Your Visibility With LinkedIn Workshop
Secure more clients by getting in front of all the right people’s eyes with an optimized LinkedIn profile.
Q&A session where you can ask about anything client acquisition on LinkedIn
Expert review of your profile and suggestions that’ll elevate it right away
Actionable tips you’ll use live to improve your profile before the end of the workshop
In this 1 hour workshop, you’ll get:
"If you were to take even just one of the videos included in Character Artist Accelerator, you would learn so much. There’s so much great information packed into each one."
Rachid Jatib, Flordia
Download Full Curriculum
Terry Fischer
Artwork by
Get the information and experience you need to become hireable.
1:1 Mentorship
Access unlimited personalized feedback on demand from a person that actually holds the role you want in a professional capacity
You’ll create an incredible portfolio with the help of your group sessions inside the Character Artist Accelerator. But unlimited personalized feedback and insight will fast track your path to landing the best job, negotiating the best salary, and working on your dream projects.
Step-by-step walkthroughs of how you can improve your characters
Unlimited character reviews
Personalized CV and cover letter review
Exclusive 1:1 mock-interviews with mentor
Access to a personal mentor who is a professional in the field
Unlimited in-depth feedback sessions
24/7 access to your mentor via email
Proven benefits of having a mentor
Source: CNBC and SurveyMonkey, 2019
91% of workers who have a mentor are satisfied with their jobs.
Enjoy greater job satisfaction
Source: Moving ahead, 2017
87% of mentors and mentees felt empowered and had greater confidence.
Become more empowered and confident
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University, 2016
70% of all jobs are found through networking.
Build your network to get a job
Source: Sun Microsystems, 2015
25% of mentees in a study experienced increases in salary graded compared to 5% for nonparticipants.
Possess potential for higher salary
Work on projects for companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime
I’m living proof that you can become a professional character artist through sheer hard work and determination AND get paid well to do it.
I didn’t begin my career through the traditional art school route.
I knuckled down, I bucked up and blasted my way through the door with hard work and unwavering determination.
Since 2010, I’ve been fortunate enough to:
3D Artist, Art Heroes Co-Founder and Likeness + Stylized Programs Creator
I’m Marlon Nunez
Travel to places like which allowed me to visit the places I’ve always wanted to while working a job I love
Worked with studios like Blur, Electronic Arts, GoodByeKansas, and Slightly Mad Studio
Designed characters for productions like Assassin's Creed Valhalla Trailer, Subnautica Cinematic, and Call of Duty Cinematic
A program that:
Kickstarts your career in just 16 weeks, followed up by a YEAR of support, feedback, and accountability from our world-class mentors & community
So I spent the last 6 years pouring my soul & energy into creating a 3rd option for you. The option that I wish I had when I was getting started.
Combines the flexibility of self-study, with the expert advice that only a skilled mentor can provide
I knew there had to be a better way.
Uses a world-class curriculum taught by people actually working in the industry (not some out-of-touch professor), at a fraction the cost of traditional art schools
Now my work fills me with joy, the journey of getting here didn’t.
Like you, the options I had at the time were to teach myself through hours of research or go to art school and just hope I would find employment on completion
After a decade of working in the industry, I realized both of these approaches were flawed:

  1. There was such a big gap between what most people thought they needed to know for this job…and what they actually used in their career.
  2. Most of my co-workers who attended art school are still paying off their loans
  3. Most recruiters take my portfolio into consideration first, and my completely unrelated to 3D character art degree second.
Zombie Army 4: Dead War
Subnautica Cinematic
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Trailer
Cyberpunk 2077 Cinematic
Call of Duty Cinematic
Love, Death and Robots Seasons 2&3 (Netflix)
Notable projects:
Meet your mentors
Hugo Sena
Senior Character Artist, Counterplay Games
Notable projects:
City of the Damned
Necromunda Underhive Wars
Hell is Us
Studios worked with:
  • Rouge Factor
  • Counterplay Games
Max Puliero
Owner, Gugen Studio Inc.
Notable projects:
Dark Souls 3
Metal Gear Series
Biohazard Damnation
Tekken 7
Smash Brothers
hard surface
Monkey King: Hero is back
Studios worked with:
  • From Softwares
  • Konami
  • Digital Frontier
  • Square Enix
  • Tango Gameworks
  • Nintendo
  • Bandai Namco
Nathan Gardner
Lead Digital Paint Artist and Compositor, Industrial Light & Magic
Notable projects:
Studios worked with:
  • Industrial Light & Magic
  • DNEG
  • Scanline VFX
The Dark Knight Rises
Man of Steel
Star Wars Episodes 8 & 9
Jurassic World 2 & 3
The Mandalorian
Black Adam
The Book of Boba Fett
Razeem Rafeek
Content Animation Lead, Lamsa
Notable projects:
Playing it Cool
Romeo Spikes
Studios worked with:
  • Voltage Pictures
  • Gallery Books
  • Toonz India Studios
  • Vismayas Max
  • Lamsa
Ben Courtenay
Freelance 3D Character Artist
Notable projects:
Toony Character Course
Over 5 years of experience working with and teaching others how to use ZBrush
What is Feedback like of Character Art Accelerator?
  • Live feedback sessions with mentors on a weekly basis
  • Unlimited every step of the way written character critiques via the forum
  • Work in progress character paint-overs and gifs to highlight corrections recommended by mentors
  • Small-size study groups for sharing resources, keeping you motivated and holding you accountable to ensure the completion of your characters.
Hear from our Students
"I really wanted to find a community of people and I really wanted to have that professional feedback. So when I heard that Art Heroes works with industry professionals, I was totally on board with that.
Looking at the screenshots of the initial blockout of my character versus right after the group sessions, there’s a marked difference between where I started and where I ended up."
Levi Whittier, USA
Community support helped me transform my character!
"My 1:1 mentor sessions were amazing and worth the price of admission alone. The feedback he gave along the way definitely pushed my final model to be better than I could have accomplished on my own. He has a great eye for detail and what makes a great stylized character."
1:1 Mentorship helped me create a model better than I could on my own
"Nowadays there are many resources available to learn about 3D and digital art in general.
But I think it is very valuable to develop a project from start to finish with the guidance of real professionals. Receiving a tailor-made critique of your work is the best way to learn and progress."
Get started today!
Pick your Program Plan
Or get started today for 4 payments of
Specialized Career Training
$1000+ Discounts On Software
12 Months Of Access To Our Mentors For Monthly Reviews & Feedback
365 Day Access To All The Session Recordings From This Cohort
Weekly Character Review And Mentor Feedback
24/7 Access To Your Program Coordinator
Weekly Group Mentoring Calls
Group Training Sessions With A Professional Character Artist
Hd Videos On-Demand
The Core 16 Week Accelerator Program
Pay in Full
Or get started today for 4 payments of
Lifetime Access To All Future Cohorts
1:1 Accountability Calls With A Member Of The Art Heroes Team
Exclusive 1:1 Mock-Interviews With A Professional Recruiter
Personalized Cv And Cover Letter Review
24/7 Access To Your Program Coordinator
2 Months Of Weekly 1:1 Mentorship Calls With Your Dedicated Mentor
Exclusive Discord Access To Mentors And Support Team
Everything as in Essential, plus
Pay in Full
Pay in Full
Get started today for 4 payments of
Get started today for 4 payments of
Pay in Full
"I'm super grateful for all the feedback, encouragement and helpful resources I received over the duration of this Program.
I remember when two months ago I wasn't sure whether I should take this course but now I'm so glad I did!"
"The amount of knowledge and growth I experienced in my skill set has been exponential. Lots of learning material and detailed explanations. I literally went from zero to hero during the course."
Josh Linao
PLUS our Awesome Bonuses
For two weeks following the program, you’ll be trained to face interviews and land jobs that pay well with…
ArtStation + LinkedIn Optimization training to make you stand out for the jobs you want
Application tracking dashboard to keep you current on the offers you’ve received and who you’re in the process of pitching
Salary negotiation tips and tricks to get you paid what you’re worth
10+ email templates so you can contact recruiters with confidence
A live training that will walk you through creating a flawless CV and cover letter (hosted by Annabelle Sémaan - Character Artist for Reflector Entertainment )
The Ultimate CV template that will help your name float to the top of the pile
You’ll stand out in interviews because of what you’ve gained from Character Artist Accelerator.
Simply put,
I got a job position created just for me.
I got hired from my first character, alone!
I got a job position created just for me.
I got hired from my first character, alone!
"With this program, I increased my skill level, got a job a year ago in the games industry and helped so many people sharing my new knowledge and work. I recommend Art Heroes all the time, courses overall are amazing, they really help to increase skill level".
Jesus Izeta
"I’ve been a lead character artist for a medium-sized company for 5 years and wanted to increase my skill level to present myself for a job with an international company. This program helped me get to that level. From the beginning, I was learning things I hadn’t learned before. I’ve now crafted a portfolio and feel like I am ready to work at a big international company."
Juan Jose Perez, Colombia
Helped me uplevel my skills to get a better job!
I increased my skill level and got a job in the games industry
Get a peek into graduates portfolios:
Artwork by William Suy
Artwork by William Suy
Artwork by Timmy Luong
Artwork by Timmy Luong
Artwork by Tanja Langgner
Artwork by Tanja Langgner
Artwork by Omar Castillo
Artwork by Omar Castillo
Artwork by Alex Wissler
Artwork by Alex Wissler
Artwork by Levi Whittier
Artwork by Levi Whittier
Artwork by Karolina Piskorz
Artwork by Karolina Piskorz
Artwork by Brad Myers
Artwork by Brad Myers
Artwork by Rifat Zaman
Artwork by Rifat Zaman
Flexible schedule.
With built-in accountability.
The moment you enter Character Artist Accelerator, you’ll get instant lifetime access to the Discord channel and Foundational Training module so you can give yourself the base you’ll need to expand from with the community you need.

Then, every week for the next 16 weeks, you’ll get a new module uncovering opportunities like…
Navigating the details like hands, face, and hair
Whom to surround yourself with to get the career you’ve been dreaming of
What you need to use immediately to achieve insane realism
Face-palming simple ways to get your character right from the blockout
How to make your characters tell their story
What Marlon did to work with companies like EA and Netflix, and how you can too
Insights into how you can showcase your work on social media without getting lost in the crowd
How to actually Blender Render like a pro for your final presentation
Why you get artists’ block (and how to overcome it)
How to stay consistent in your work, without abandoning your friends and family
How you can build a character, even if creativity doesn’t always come easy to you
"Before this course I was fairly comfortable doing basic sculpts in ZBrush, but needed to brush up on my detail skills with hands, faces, hair, etc. I really enjoyed the feedback I received and was able to create my first character. I really felt like the people in this program took the time to know me. I wasn’t just a number. And I really liked that."
Tanja Langgner, UK
Helped me make my first character from start to finish!
"I really like how CAAA covers all of the stages of 3D character modeling. I recommend this course for inexperienced people as well as more skilled artists as it covers all the basics of modeling in Zbrush and is a great base and refresher course."
Jordi Solanas
For the inexperienced and the pro
Lessons are so easy to complete
"There is a ton of information and insight about the character process, and the way the course is structured makes it easy to digest. The lessons are never too long and always to the point. It helps a lot to focus on each step and refer back to a specific video if needed."
Develop a project from start to finish with the guidance of real professionals