zbrush character posing tutorial

Character posing tip: achieving natural look

Working on character modelling usually involves T/A posed base meshes, which can leave them feeling quite stiff.

Here are some tips to creating a more natural look!
Start with references
3d character posing tips
References are the best place to start!

Even in a rested/relaxed pose the body still has to support itself.

The ribcage and the hips are centered keeping the body balanced in neutral position.

By following the "S" curve down the center of a references you'll see how the weight distributed.

Thinking about the position of the ribcage and hips, you can use the "S" curve to add that natural look to your own sculpts!
Watch the S-curve
how to pose a character in zbrush
Back in Zbrush (or your preferred modeling program) you can now apply the "S" curve to your model!

Here are some simple steps to capture that natural look:

  • Locate the ribcage and hips, make sure they're centered above one another.
  • Time to make adjusts whether it's pushing the hips back or chest forward.
  • Tweak and adjust rest of the body to follow the flow of the curve.

These subtle tweaks make a huge difference! Now you have a more engaging base mesh to work with
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Text author: Ben Courtenay
Tutorial by: Alfredo Baro